Before you get lost in the Vignette, I’ll be guesting over at Paty Jager’s blog this Wednesday, doing a mini-interview of sorts. So, drop by and say “hello.” BUT NOT UNTIL WEDNESDAY! Or later. 🙂

Also, I’ve updated my What I’m Reading Now list. It’s been a while and I’ve read so many books that I’ve just posted the highlights. I’m going to try and remember to do that every week, since I probably read a couple books a week at least.

And, yes, the Vampire Vignettes begin their re-runs with the first one I ever wrote, A Vampire New Year’s Eve. I wrote it on a whim, just something for my readers while we all waited for the next book, and it was such a hit that I just kept writing more. The schedule of re-runs is listed below, culminating in a brand new Vignette for this New Year, too.

Here’s the schedule:

November 15th — Vignette #1 — A Vampire New Year’s Eve
November 28th — Vignette #2 — A Vampire Valentine
December 12th — Vignette #3 — The Invitation
December 19th — Vignette #4 — The Party
December 25th — Vignette #5 — to be announced

For those who follow such things, my NaNoWriMo project is going very well. I updated my word count to 30,470 last night. 30K was my mid-month target, so I’ll beat that handily by the time I finish writing tonight.

See you next week!



  1. Today is my birthday and I feel like the Vignette was a terrific gift. I enjoyed it as much this time as the last. (Since Raphael is taken I’m still panting for Duncan)

    Perhaps, when you are on book 12 or 13 of the Vampires In America Series, you will publish the vignettes so we may reread at our leisure.

    Congrats on your na-no-wri-mo efforts to date.

    However do you find time to sleep what with writing, and reading several books a week, not to mention the minutiae of daily living? You are an inspiration.

    1. Hi Dot!

      Happy Birthday!! Today’s my husband’s birthday, too, so he’s in great company!

      I’m perpetually tired, btw! Every once in a while, my body just hits a wall and says enough and then I sleep for about 12 hours. LOL

      About Duncan … I’ve already outlined several scenes for his book. He’s wonderful!!

      And I’ve been thinking about an anthology of the Vignettes someday. I need lots more, first, but I’ll get there!


  2. It’s 1:10 pm and I finally got to read your posting. Work just keeps interfering with my needs! LOL Wow, you’ve already written 30,000+ words? I don’t think I can speak that many words in 1 month… let alone think them and get them down onto paper! Thanks for updating your “What I’m Reading” page. I’m always looking for something new to read and love getting recommendations from other voracious readers.

    Thanks for the vignettes. I’ll enjoy re-reading them but I’m really looking forward to #5. It will make a nice Christmas present for me! : )

    1. RL is so inconvenient, isn’t it? The world just doesn’t have its priorities straight!

      Thank you, Joyce!


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