Paranormal Road Trip at From the ShadowsI’m off on a Paranormal Road Trip this week, visiting all the haunted places in Malibu and surrounds. I was surprised by how many there are. I only knew about one of these when I started. Well, two, if you count the vampire who lived next door to me in Malibu. There’s a giveaway too, so be sure and stop by.

Thor Age of UltronAnd I finally managed to see Avengers: Age of Ultron last week. I already said it on Facebook, but I’ll say it here, too. I liked it, lots of action, and it was fun. But I thought the first movie was better, and this one didn’t live up to the hype. I will say that my favorite line from the movie was when Thor thinks he won’t be affected by the Scarlet Witch’s hex, and he says, “I am mighty.” He is mighty, though, hex or no hex. For this week, I’m planning on dragging the DH to see Jurassic World, ‘cuz I love Chris Pratt.

plot bunnies writer at workBut mostly this week I’ve been writing, writing, writing. I’m very close to having ALLIANCE’s first draft finished, which is great. Lots of big vampire on vampire battle scenes right now.

Back to work!

See you next week,


PS For those reading this on my website … the last update messed with my fonts, which means the site doesn’t look quite the way it used to. But the guy who manages my site maintenance is working on that for me, so it should be fixed soon.