Not in Raphael and Cyn’s world, though. Not to worry.

I sold a werewolf novella this week to the e-publisher Siren-BookStrand. I’m very excited, because I love my wolves and I’m so happy people will get a chance to read about them. The story is scheduled for a July 2010 release and I’ll let you know more as the details emerge … details like cover art. I’m always so nervous about cover art!

I was reading one of my many writers’ loops this morning and someone had a link there to a video tribute to the Sunscreen Song. The song came out about ten years ago, I think. It’s a spoken song that reminds people to take life as it comes and make the most of it, and it opens with the advice to wear sunscreen. Let me second that advice! I’m a blue-eyed, blonde who grew up in sunny Southern California. My friends and I spent most of our free time on the beach, practically living there during the summer, and once I got my own apartment, I DID live there. Which meant more days spent under the sun (and the moon, too, but that’s another blog post, heh, heh.)

Anyway, I’m off this morning to have some skin cut off my poor nose because of too much sun. ::sigh:: I hope my doctor will be kind. I hope he reads my blog. LOL

Okay. Gotta go. Keeping with the sun and fun on the beach theme, I leave you with a link to some spectacular ocean/wave photography by Clark Little. Check it out here, and, oh yeah, don’t forget your sun screen!


11 thoughts on “WEREWOLVES!!”

  1. D.B. I’m saying a prayer that your minor surgery today marks the end of problems from your youthful sun exposure. Also wishing you a speedy healing.

    Werewolves were never my faves until I read Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. Now knowing that you are branching out to include them in your writing….well, I guess my new interest will surely continue. I look forward to reading your e-book.

    1. Thanks, Dot! Surgery’s all over and my Doctor is VERY happy. So I guess I’m happy, too. Or I will be tomorrow morning when I can take this big white thing off my nose! LOL

      My wolves are kind of like my vampires … big, hunky and VERY territorial! So I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!


  2. Wow! Congratulations on another success.

    And glad your surgery went okay. I’m fond of hats, sunglasses and heavy-duty sunscreen because I have fair skin that freckles easily.

  3. p.s. While I have no trouble reading your blog, all the comments are in miniscule grey print.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      I don’t have any plans to join the two worlds, but who knows? I considered adding a werewolf angle to Vampires in America and decided to stick with the vamps for now. But nothing rules it out!


  4. Today my friend, Diana (Paranormal Romance.wordprss), asked about werewolf preferences for movies and books. I had almost forgotten about a great werewolf movie BLOOD & CHOCOLATE starring hunky Olivier Martinez as the pack leader. If you haven’t seen this movie it is definitely worth renting. It has danger and a good love story too.

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