I better write faster! Actually Book 4, SOPHIA, is well underway. I’ve detailed the personalities and descriptions of all my major and not so major characters and completed a very comprehensive outline with all the plots and sub-plots spelled out and resolved. And now the writing has begun. I’m a fairly linear writer. I sketch out 20-30 scenes before I even start writing, pretty much drafting the scenes in full with quite a bit of detail, but then I start at page one of the book and work my way through, plugging in and changing those scenes when I get to them, as the narrative requires.

Of course, there are A LOT more than 20 or 30 scenes in my books! But once I’ve got my outline, the writing goes pretty fast. I sit down with my laptop and sort of immerse myself in the story, and fortunately I’m a fast typist, so my fingers can keep up with what I see in my head.

As with every story I write, I’m loving my characters and their lives and can hardly wait to live with them for a while. Raphael and Cyn are in this one, as is Duncan, of course. And then there’s my female Vampire Lord Sophia and her hunky human, former Navy SEAL, uber alpha male Colin. When those two clash (er, I mean meet) sparks aren’t the only thing flying!

And so … February. I’m not sure where January went, but I know I got a lot done, so all in all I can’t complain. And this January was definitely an improvement over last January, believe me.

Still no word on the RAJMUND release date, but my publisher assures me she’s working on the schedule, so . . . 🙁

In the meantime, I refer you to of all things a Bud Lite Commercial which will NOT run during the Super Bowl. I thought it was hilarious, and anyone who’s ever worked in an office should certainly relate to it. Plus, I figure anyone who reads my books won’t be put off by a little pixelated nudity!! Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “FEBRUARY ALREADY?”

  1. I loved reading about how you write. This is always interesting to avid readers. Do you have the general story line in your head before you even start with the sketching out of scenes? I’m guessing yes, you would have to, but maybe the scene drives the story? I love the idea of Sophia. I’m still hoping for a Duncan book down the road.

    I couldn’t see the Bud commercial so I went to YouTube and still couldn’t find it. I’ll trip across it one of these days.

    Re: Rajmund release–Have you told your publisher that there will be a reader uprising if they don’t set a date and soon? I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas and being told that it will be postponed to a yet undetermined date. Of course that tease from Michelle last post made it even worse! Sorry if I sound cranky, I’m having Vapires In America withdrawl.

    1. Hi Dot,
      I absolutely have the story and several scenes already in my head before I even start the outline. I know how it will begin and how it will end, and that never changes. The guts of the narrative do change as I write, but the end of the story doesn’t change.


      (PS Duncan is Book Five.)

  2. It’s always interesting to learn about the writing methods of other writers. I don’t write in a linear fashion at all! Perhaps I’ll blog about this very topic next week as well…thanks for the idea 😉

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