Guest blogging today at DIK

I’m guest blogging on Desert Island Keepers today and tomorrow (March 19/20). DIK is a great blog full of witty, intelligent women and pictures of beeeuuutiful men. LOL I’m giving away a signed copy of RAPHAEL and anyone who comments gets a chance. Today, I’ll be talking about my Desert Island Five – the five books I’d want with me if I was ever stranded on that mythical desert island. And tomorrow, I’m discussing the alpha female. The alpha males get all the attention, but not for long!

You can find DIK at

I’ll be doing a lot of guest blogging and interviews over the next several weeks, to promote RAPHAEL, and I’ll keep you all informed in case you want to stop by. I’ll be giving away books whenever I guest, so drop in and take a chance. There’s some pretty interesting blogs out there and you never know whom you’ll meet.

Oh, and I received my first royalty payment this week! It was my advance on RAPHAEL and made the whole thing more real somehow. The next big event will be holding the actual book in my hand. Amazing.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who took the time to drop in and post their good wishes and congratulations on the start-up of my blog. It was way more than I expected and I appreciated every single comment.

See you over at DIK.


Creepy Fact for Today … Some of the nation’s best libraries contain books bound in human skin.  Check it out on this incredibly long link …

4 thoughts on “Guest blogging today at DIK”

  1. DB, congrats both on the ka-ching and on the impending arrival of Raphael. I’m sure you’re enjoying this amazing moment in time. Here’s to many more of both events and I love your “creepy fact of the day”. Right up my alley – I knew about books in human skin, actually (hoping of course that they are all reeeeeaaaaly old one). I had learned that they used to bind books in the skins of unborn calves or something. A big old “yuck”. What humans get up to when left to their own devices, huh?

    See you around the blogosphere.

  2. Ooh – am most definately curious about Raphael & Cyn

    Passion and romance, murder and conspiracy, loyalty and betrayal. There’s a crime to be solved and a mystery to uncover.

    Right up my alley! And three series books in a year – even better! Do you have a definate end to the series ie is it just a trilogy?

    Creepy Fact for today – I didn’t realise that that was an old tradition – knew it went on in WW2 with the Jews but not that it reached that far back.

    1. Hi Willa,
      THe first two books are a dualogy, but after that the books are in the same universe, but they stand alone. So, while Cyn and Raphael have cameo appearances in Book 3, the book itself introduces a whole new vampire lord and a whole new set of characters.

      Thanks for your interest and for joining me here on my blog!


  3. Congratulations on your 1st book. What a great cover. I particularly like your “creepy fact.” Very clever, and quite unique way to make your blog more memorable.

    It’s funny isn’t it, how all of us “loners” are getting to be quite social through the internet. A lot of the benefits without having to actually leave the house, dress up, drive, etc.

    I hope RAPHAEL sells like crazy. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    All the best to you.

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