The deed is done. I signed a new contract this week with BelleBooks, which means there will definitely be more Vampires books and novellas, plus (and I’m really excited about this) a spin-off, too. The contract is for 5 books and 2 novellas, with two of the new books targeted at the spin-off series. The spin-off will be with a character from the books, but NOT a vampire. Hmmmm, who could it be? 😀

I’ll say this much, it’s someone who will reveal his true self for the first time in the spin-off, although it was hinted at earlier, if you knew what to look for. And it’s someone who I always knew was more than he appeared. I’m so excited about this one!!

I’ve received questions from readers about my shifter stories, too—both werewolf and cat. They’re still making their way through the sometimes tortuous world of publishing. These things take an incredibly long time to finalize, but you’ll be the first to know (after me) once something is set.

I’m back in full-blown writing mode, which means staying up all night, working on VINCENT and UNFORGIVEN (the next novella.) I’m learning more about Vincent with every word I write. His love interest, too, although interestingly, I don’t have a name for her yet. I’m calling her BHW, which stands for … Bounty Hunter Woman. Because, yep, she’s a kick ass bounty hunter. How cool is that? I’ve been doing research, which means reading the memoirs of actual bounty hunters, to make sure I get it right. It’s kind of fun! 🙂

Movies … the DH and I watched AMERICAN HUSTLE, which has already won big at the Golden Globes and SAG, and looks to win big at the Oscars too. Um, hmmm. The acting was terrific, lots of good people playing REALLY tacky people with bad hair. A little too much voice over narration for my taste, and the story didn’t really grab me, but, again, the acting was great. I guess I like action adventure flicks better.

Television … so many of my favorite shows had new episodes this week! Everyone was back. There were so many that I haven’t watched them all, because I’ve been too busy writing. THE BLACK LIST was brilliant, as always. SUPERNATURAL was back with my favorite Winchester brothers, though I haven’t watched it yet. JUSTIFIED!! How wonderful is it to have Raylan back? I’ve DVR’d HELIX, but haven’t watched any of them yet. And I’m loving INTELLIGENCE and KILLER WOMEN, with Buffy’s old flame Riley as a DEA Agent (Marc Blucas, who’s sexier now than he was then!) I’m also watching BITTEN on SyFy, of course, since I’m a big Kelley Armstrong fan, but it’s too early to tell if they’ll do the books justice or not.

Books … 2014 is well underway and I’ve finished the first books of my 150 book challenge. It IS a challenge this year, since I’ll be writing more, plus right now I’m galley proofing the re-releases of the previous books (with their new covers, which I LOVE!) But I’m currently galley proofing DUNCAN, which means only LUCAS is left, and once that’s completed, I should have a little more time to work on my challenge. I will say, though, that I just finished Kristen Ashley’s LADY LUCK, the third book in her Colorado Mountain series, and I now have a new book boyfriend … Ty Walker. WANT! 😀

Okay, well, back to writing now. Because that new contract means lots of work to get done this year … and next … and the year after that …

Happy Martin Luther King Day for my U.S. readers. Enjoy your day off if you have it.

And I’ll see you all next week with news of some short fiction pieces I’ll be writing in February, because it’s Valentine’s Day, of course!


17 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL! :)”

  1. Sqeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Awesome Newsletter!
    I think I have a guess as to who, but will double check n reread some part n then take a wild one.

    1. I agree. They’ve been little stand-alone stories. But I think this week we’ll see the season’s story begin to develop, now that Darrel Crowe is in Harlan.

  2. I’m just gonna come out and say it – Colin! If so, great choice!!

    And great news on BelleBooks. Relief, yes? BTW – do they have an agreement with Amazon for pre-ordering? Not that I mind marking my calendar, going to Amazon, staring at your page, and checking my email every 5 minutes while digging my nails into my desk 🙂

    Oh, one more thing: When do we get to know Juro’s brother’s name, hmmmm? Still waiting, little missy. Hee….

    1. Colin already has a job. He’s busy with Sophia. 😀

      Good question about Belle and preorders. I’ll have to find out.

      As for Juro’s brother … I haven’t forgotten about him. He’ll step out of Juro’s shadow in the next full-length Cyn & Raphael novel.


  3. Congratulations! and happy news for us readers!
    Dang, now I have to re-read so to have a good guess on the spin-off… 😀

    1. Duh! That’s right *bows head in embarrassment* I got all excited because I do love Colin and it would be very cool to see him in action. Ah well, I suppose we’ll have to wait – not! Already the back and forth has started in earnest, DB. Just as you planned, cackling Buahahaha as you typed the newsletter. *fist in air* Deeeeeeeeeeeeee Beeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  4. Good news! Pimping you out to every one I can think of! Can’t wait for the spin-off. I have a glimmer but will have to go back and do a re-read of the series. Such a hardship . . . .

  5. I always thought Rick was way more than he appeared. There was just something about him, especially when he offered to kick Raphael’s butt and hinted he was harder to kill than he looked.

  6. Wow that is exciting news!!! I’m in such a lull as I’ve now caught up on all my favourite book series!! ( Yours included naturally!!) so I’m super excited that there will be more!! Looking forward to It all!! Guess I’ll have to re-read all the Vampire in America books again!! Oh the horror 😉

  7. Absolutely love your writing, both my sister and daughter are ‘hooked’ on the books as well.

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