SP_1600Remember I told you I was working on a special project?
Well, this is it! You can find the larger cover image HERE. And here’s the back cover description of the story.
Specialist Amanda Sumner is one of the first to make contact on the Earth-like planet Harp and discovers she’s the only Earthling, who can hear the trees sing in the strange forest. Determined to remain and learn more of the planet’s secrets, Amanda sets out to become part of the elite Guild there…

But there is a secret involving some Guild members–one that could get her killed.

Shifter Rhodry de Mendoza wants the Earthlings off his planet before they destroy it—even if that means denying what he feels for the fierce and lovely Amanda. The pair is thrown together in what becomes a fight for their lives. And they might just lose everything–including each other–in their battle for the right to live in peace.

The release date is October 26, and SHIFTER PLANET go up for pre-order this week. I’ll post the links as I have them. It’s already up on GOODREADS.

I’m so excited about this story. It was really a labor of love. I hope you all will love it, too.

I’ll be back next week with more exciting news, this time about CHRISTIAN!