Yes, dear readers, my publisher is already working on the LUCAS cover! This is a combination of good luck and early deadlines. ImaJinn wants to include LUCAS in an ad to run later this year and the deadline is 2 July. That means I get my cover well ahead of the usual schedule. That also means I’ve been working with the artist to find an image for Lucas, and we’ve picked one. And he’s just perfect! This is the closest any of my vamps’ covers have come to the mental picture I had as I wrote the story. As soon as the cover is finalized, I’ll post it here, so all of you can see how beautiful Lucas is, too!
On the writing front, the novella is complete and off to my publisher. I’m back working on LUCAS, incorporating the comments from my two wonderful and talented critique partners. And, by the way, I now have all of their comments back and they both love Lucas! Yay! This means LUCAS will deliver on time, and then … Huh. I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I’ve got a couple of new projects I want to work on before I start the next Vampires in America book. And there’s always that ever growing “to-do” list of mine.
I saw Snow White and the Huntsman this week. No real spoilers coming here, but if you’re really spoiler-averse, you should stop reading. The movie was pretty good, lots of action and excellent special effects. I could have done without some of the walking through fairyland parts, which were a bit dull, but they didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the film. The ending was odd, with Kristen Stewart smiling (as least as much as she ever does) awkwardly at her subjects and them smiling back at her, ad infinitum. Went on waaaaay too long, but was finally rescued by the (rather subdued) arrival of Chris Hemsworth. You can never have too much Chris Hemsworth, though that ending makes me suspect there’s a sequel in the works. Especially since this one has been such a HUGE hit.
And, of course, TRUE BLOOD’s new season premiered this week. Lots of naked Eric, some nice sly humor. I don’t like the Jason storyline. Generally I hate the way they’ve made the TV Jason be such a moron. The book Jason isn’t like that. And, can I say, I am SO glad LaFayette shaved his head. He looks ever so much more handsome this way. SPOILAGE: Tara as a badass/freaky vampire chick? Weird. Definite departure from the books. Eric and his sister … hilarious and sexy as hell. I mean they’re not really siblings, so it doesn’t matter. I loved when Eric yelled at her, and then told Bill they argue like siblings and fuck like lovers. But then, I generally love Eric, so … He’s much better when he’s not swooning over Sookie.
Books … finished Nalini Singh’s latest Psy-Changeling, and now on to John Gilstrap’s latest Jonathan Graves book. I do love Digger Graves!
I’ve got Buffy on TV as I write this, with the sound down, so it won’t distract me. It’s pathetic, but I know everything that’s being said anyway! LOL Anyway, it’s one of the eps with Bad Angel and Wheelchair Spike. Angel is hustling Drusilla right in front of Spike and she’s all sexing out on him, and it flashes to a close-up of Spike’s face … and he’s so hurt! That bitch!! LOL
Hmm, okay. Still gotta get some of that LUCAS work done tonight, so I’ll say “bye” for now. See you back here next week.

6 thoughts on “Oooooh. I HAVE SEEN LUCAS AND HE’S BEAUTIFUL!!”

  1. I did love Lucas. Anyone looking forward to it is going to be in for a treat.

    Bad Angel was such an awesome character. I actually preferred him to Buffy, who got a bit annoying at times (Although Willow and Giles made up for it).

  2. When the Vingnettes bookcover was revealed I thought you had hit the pinacle with bookcovers. Now you have me all excited to see the Lucas cover. Can’t wait!!!

    I always find the series premier of Trueblood full of these multiple episodic moments that sometimes make sense and other times just make me say “Wha was that??” I’m with you on Eric, hot, hot hot and more fun without him mooning over Sookie. (I didn’t like that clueless Eric from last season) The Tara thing looks like it will disappoint me. Can’t anybody stay dead on this show????

    I hope to see Snow and The Man this week.

  3. The whole Tara-thing is an HBO idea?? Not cool to make major rewrites like that. I, too, am glad to see Eric being Eric again. Kinda’ leaves Bill in the dust.
    Have a great week!

  4. I was so over Tara last season!!!! I feel like they don’t know what to do with her on the show. I thought hallelujah they finally killed her off. Unfortunately to my horror she got turned****SIGH***** I thought OMG we have eternity with her now-WTF!!!!! Thank God we have Eric to look at- he will be my distraction from vampire Tara!!!

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