Okay, I admit it…I took a spa break this week. My brain was tired. I was tired. So I had a wonderful honey/orange blossom wrap treatment, a truly painful massage, and a couple of perfectly nutritious and delicious smoothies with chocolate hemp milk. Weird, but true. And I slept a lot.

But then I came home and started working on revisions (not too many) for Shifter Planet 2 (that’s a working title–have to figure out a better one.) I read the first paragraph, with Aidan (remember him? Rhodry’s best friend/cousin?) Anyway, Aidan’s racing through the trees, feeling on top of the world, melting snow dripping on his back, sun shining … and it just made me feel good. I love that world, and I’m so happy I get to tell more stories from there. That’s Rhodry in the picture, by the way. Aidan’s a golden cat. I’m still looking for the perfect pic.

And finally … it’s official! I signed a new contract with Belle Books/ImaJinn for 8 more vampire books. 4 of those books will continue the Vampires in Europe sequence. The other 4 will also be in Europe, but they’ll be stories from a segment of European vampire society that exists outside the traditional/historical system.

Which means…I’m spending my nights on the computer again. I have to finish up SP2 and return it to my editor, and then get back to DRAGAN’s story. I look at the calendar and I’m horrified at how much of 2019 is already gone. Where’d it go? I’m already gearing up for RWA Nationals in New York, in July. They seemed so far away in January, and now I’m making travel plans for 2020!! Yikes.

Now that I’ve made you all aware of how fast time is zipping by in your lives … I’ll wish you a wonderful week.