new caveYou all recognize this place, right? But you’ll notice I have a lovely view, so it’s not too bad. Finishing up the final edits on LUCIFER, which I’ll be sending off to my editor this week.

In contest news, the Novellas giveaway winners have both checked in, and their books have already been mailed. The winners (with their identities abbreviated to protect the innocent) were Betül from The Netherlands, and Linda from Florida, USA. There’s still one more contest/giveaway going on, and that’s over at I’ll be running another Fresh Fiction giveaway/contest next month, though I haven’t decided what I’ll be giving away yet.

book'dIn “planning in advance” news, I’ll be doing the season finale Book’d event here in the Los Angeles area (actually, North Hollywood) on October 20th. I’ll be one of six featured Romance authors. You can find all of the details HERE. I’ll be reading from Shifter Planet, taking questions, and then I’ll be around later to answer more questions and sign any books that you want to bring with you. (Assuming they’re my books. I mean, I’ll be happy to sign someone else’s book, but I don’t really see the point. 😀 ) Tickets are $10, available in advance at EventBrite, or $10 cash at the door. I’ve never done one of these, but this should be fun!

And now, it’s back to the cave so that Lucifer can make it to work (i.e., my editor) on time!

See you next Monday, and I’m going to be soooooo relaxed!


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