star-trek-50I was shocked this week when FB told me it had been 50 years since the original Star Trek started its first TV season! 50!! I feel like I’ve been watching it forever, but … 50? I don’t know about the rest of us, but Star Trek will definitely live long and prosper!

illus-writer-at-work-blackFor me, it was back to work this week. First, I started writing KATO, which is Stone Warriors #2. But then I also heard back from my editor … who LOVED my LUCIFER! Yay! There were just a few revisions, which are all done already. And now I’m back with Kato and Grace, and excited to finish their story.

FFLogoPinkBlackDon’t forget my contest/giveaway over at Fresh Fiction this month. I’m getting ready for LUCIFER, with a giveaway of DECEPTION, which was the first book in the Vampire Wars story arc.

neverforget-9-11_edited-1And finally … it’s been 15 years. I still remember the disbelief and horror of that day. No matter how many years go by, it will always be our solemn duty to remember.

Hold the people you love close, and tell them you love them.


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