Well, the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was . . . I sent the RAJMUND manuscript off to my publisher! Yay! My critique partners both had good things to say about it, so I feel good.

And now I’m thinking about book 4. My head was empty for a while, but the scenes are popping in regularly now and the outline is shaping up. I can already feel the pressure building in my brain to start writing again, so it won’t be long now before book 4 starts coming to life.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up with all the stuff I let go. I’ve got closets to clean out and bookshelves to organize, and the holidays are coming, which means the shopping must begin! Gotta work off that turkey somehow!


AMAZING VIDEO OF THE DAY: This is footage of an actual elephant birth! It’s graphic and the camera never cuts away, so if you’re faint of heart, keep your eyes closed!! But it’s totally fascinating and a little heart wrenching too. Here ya go, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

9 thoughts on “JUST CHECKING IN . . .”

  1. Doing a Yipee-Skipee dance here for RAJMUND!! Now you get right on Book #4 and don’t let any of us disturb you. 🙂

    Oh-oh, I thought of another name “Kole”. That was a neighbors name I always liked.

  2. Hey There! Read Rajmund in 2 days and then 3 weeks later got the copy of it in the mail! I gave it to Dad. I am telling everyone that my aunt is a writer. I’m so proud of you! I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ MORE! Keep up the good work D.B.!

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