I’ll be guest blogging on Monday, May 18th, over at Popin’s Lair. I’ll be talking about Vampires — past and present — and especially, about how I decided which characteristics my very own vampires would possess. Lots of people seem to have very definite opinions about this, and every author seems to draw her/his vampires a slightly different way. So, stop by, visit Popin’s Lair and join the discussion. I’ll be doing a RAPHAEL giveaway as part of my guest blog — anyone who comments through May 30th will have a chance to win an autographed copy of RAPHAEL. (I understand there are still a few of you out there who haven’t read the book, so this is your chance! LOL)

RAPHAEL continues to be #1 in Dark Fantasy at, which gives me tinglies all over. (Either that or there’s a short in my keyboard. Hmmmmm.) And don’t forget, I’m still running my May/June contest for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. It’s a trivia contest — details on the right, below the picture of my beeeyutiful JABRIL cover!

See you over at Popin’s Lair on Monday, May 18th!


3 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGING – MAY 18th!!”

  1. I’ll stop by! You should get that short checked ^.^

    Raphael is really good. As I said before. It deserves to be top. I think beyond the cool story your writing is very strong and very clean and enjoyable to read. That adds a ton to your already neat world and characters.

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