This was an interesting week for sure. I made lots of progress on DRAGAN.

I did edits on Shifter Planet 2 (working title) and filled out a bunch of cover information for it, including the back cover copy and blurb (which many writers will tell you is almost harder to write than the whole book 😀 ) Now, I just have to figure out a better title, so it’s no longer “working.” I’m so happy with this story, though. I hope to see many of my readers at Shameless Book Con in Orlando/Disney Springs, FL this October.where I hope to be signing copies. It looks like a September release, though that hasn’t been absolutely confirmed yet.

Before that, though, I’m heading to the northeastern part of the country THIS MONTH to meet up with family, and then on to New York for RWA’s national convention and the Literacy Signing event on July 27th. All proceeds go to promote literacy, so I hope to see some of you there, too.

And then there were the earthquakes. We definitely felt it–a long roller–but the epicenter was a fault near Ridgecrest. Two big quakes in as many days, a 6.4 followed by a 7.1. That means the 2nd quake was 50 times stronger than the first. For every point on the scale, the quake is 10 times stronger. Those are two BIG quakes, and they’ve caused tremendous damage, but fortunately no deaths. My thoughts are with the people of Ridgecrest and the small surrounding towns who were most affected by the quakes.

I’m back to work on DRAGAN now, and hoping a good title for SP2 will occur in the back of my brain if I don’t think about it too hard. I’ll let you know if it works!

Have a wonderful week!