A surprisingly quiet week! The early days were exciting with the Cyn/Sarah interview at LITERAL ADDICTION’s Character’s Corner, and then the first peek at Raphael’s new lieutenant at PARANORMAL HAVEN on Valentine’s Day!
And speaking of PARANORMAL HAVEN, Steph posted the first review of my new VIGNETTES ANTHOLOGY, saying …
“Vampires in America: The Vignettes is a fabulous example of short stories done right. In them, you get to see what happens after a couple has mated and the book ends. Each is a quick read and always steamy but they’re more to them than just sex. You’ll get to see how powerful vampire Lords deal with troubles in their areas and see a personal side that’s not on display for the public. Nothing like what you’ll get from reading one of the full length books but they’re still a real treat.”

The Anthology is now available everywhere it’s supposed to be. You can find the links to the right under the cover image. And the e-book on Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords is only .99 cents!
And speaking of e-books, I just signed up for Kindlegraph. HERE’S THE PAGE FOR MY BOOKS! I’m working on getting my signature to look at least remotely like my own. It’s not working well on my laptop’s mouse pad—looks like a toddler wrote it. I’m thinking it will be better on an i-pad, but it might take me a few days to get it right. At least right enough that my OCD control freak self can live with it! It’s either that or go with their canned signature, which doesn’t make much sense to me. So, if you request a sig through Kindlegraph, give it a few days! I’m checking in there, but I’m still working on my sig!!
What else, what else … I updated my What I’m Reading Now page. I finally read several books that I loved, so I have something to recommend!
And as long as I have you here … anyone else watching Once Upon a Time? What’s with David and Mary Margaret? We need to see some forward progress in their relationship! And when did David become such a weasel? I used to really like him, but they’re making him weak and unlikeable. And the whole Kathryn reconciling with the Bitch Queen and telling her about the letter was just a little toO convenient. And how creepy is it that the Bitch Queen has a key to every house in the town? Ick. And who the heck is August Wayne Booth, and what was he doing with Henry’s book? It LOOKED like he was adding pages to it, the pages that dealt with Abigail/Kathryn’s long lost frozen-in-gold love. And if he can add pages and affect reality … then WHO is he? Bottom line: the story needs to make some forward progress on SOMEONE’s happily-ever-after, or I’m going to lose interest.
Huh. Obviously, that episode bothered me more than I thought! 😀
Okay, time for me to get back to some serious work. Cyn is once again on the hunt, Jared is discovering Raphael’s mate isn’t exactly a soccer mom, and Lucas (darling Lucas) has made an appearance! Squeeeee!
See you all next week!

7 thoughts on “SO WHAT DID YOU DO THIS WEEK?”

  1. I’m not usually a fan of short stories, but your Vignettes are delightful. A great addition to the Vampires in America series. Can’t wait for the Raphael/Cyn novella, the yummy Jared and, of course, Lucas.

    You’re awesome. =)

  2. D.B the short Vignettes are the icing on the cake when I’m waiting for the next release in your book. Thanks for keeping us updated with out favorite couple. I agree Once Upon a Time really needs to make some progress, the only reason why I continue watching is I feel I wasted my time if I stop. D.B have you been watching the River? It’s really good. Well till we here from you next Sunday!!! Have a great week.

  3. Hi D.B.

    I just bought ‘The Vignettes’ and so excited to read them. A welcome and nice surprise to a horrible day at work!…and it’s only Monday!

    thanks again

  4. I must add just finished reading all of V.I.A again last week, and I have to say that my favourite book and Most Favourite cover has to be ‘Raphael’. Cyn and Raphael both look so dangerous and sexy!…and I want that hair cut she’s sporting, dark and lovely! Missed you over at Amazon there D.B.


  5. I don’t watch Once Upon a Time, but had the same problem with Grimm. Such promise, but in the end it just wasn’t coming together for me.
    On another note….
    I just read Duncan again. No, I have not changed my mind. I still think it’s an awesome book. And how do you do it? He doesn’t get a whole lot of page space, and you know I love all the guys, but I’d run away with darling Lucas right now. 🙂

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