To all my U.S. readers and friends, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving celebration filled with joy (and good food) with those you love…and not too many others you’d rather not sit next to.

ANTÔNIO has been released into the wild and I’m so excited to share his story. I want to thank everyone who purchased the book in its various formats, and especially those who took the time to leave stars on Amazon or elsewhere. Those stars really do make a difference and I appreciate every one of them. I’ve had questions from readers about the audio book, and while I don’t have a date yet, I do know it’s in the works. 

I’m now hard at work on the next novella which will introduce a brand new vampire character who works for the FBI and specializes in serial killers. His books will be the next limited series, i.e., there’s a set number of books, like the Stone Warriors. And once that’s written, I’ll be starting the next VIA book which was teased in the ANTÔNIO epilogue. It will bring the stories back to North America and feature all the lieutenants you’ve met in the previous Vampires in America books. They’re some of my favorite characters and I’m thrilled to finally focus on how important they are to the security and defense of the vampire world.

After my July trip to Iceland, I immediately began thinking about what my next trip might be, and honestly, I decided the big trips will have to wait until 2024. It’s weird for me to even write those numbers as a real year. We lost a big chunk of time to the pandemic, didn’t we? But while I’m not planning any big trips in 2023, I will be doing two signing events, both in Texas. Book Bonanza in Grapevine, TX (June 23-24) is already sold out, but you can sign up for the re-sale list (i.e., people with tickets who will no longer be attending.) Book Bonanza Resale Tickets  

I will also be at Book Lovers Con in Houston, TX June 1-4 2023. Tickets are now on sale for that one at Book Lover Readers’ Registration. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to meet readers and friends, and I’m so looking forward to it! I hope I’ll see some of you at one or both cons. These events are always fun, and Book Lovers in particular has lots of exciting reader events. 

I’m going back to my vampire FBI guy…so much (bloody) fun. I hope you’re all enjoying the cooler weather and that those of you digging out of the recent snowstorms are staying safe and warm.