ANTONIO’s story releases THIS Friday, November 11!

Yay! You can still pre-order it now, however, so it will hit your e-readers at midnight. No need to wait for sunshine…whatever that is.

I do hope you’ll give Antonio’s story a try. I know it’s been a long time coming, between the plague and my recent health issues, but Antonio’s a great character, and so is Rachel, his would-be-assassin turned lover/defender.








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Most of Antonio’s story takes place in Porto, Portugal, a beautiful city that I was lucky enough to visit before the entire world went into lockdown. Ugh. But now, the world’s mostly unlocked, and so am I. First on my travel agenda was Iceland, a trip originally scheduled for 2020, delayed twice, and finally (finally!) completed in July 2022. And what a beautiful place, filled with amazing sights, and wonderful people. We had a great time, and finally crossed the Arctic Circle to pair with our 2018 crossing of the Antarctic Circle, which was the driving force behind our journey. My niece and I thought it would be cool to have crossed both polar circles and we finally did it! I’ll post some pix soon.

But now it’s back to work. I’m already deep into the next Raphael & Cyn e-novella, which means I’m once more a night-dweller. More or less. Eddie (my cat) never changes her routine regardless of what I’m doing. She’s still sleeping all day long. But my dog, Frou, a 14yo Shih Tzu rescued from a very bad situation at the end of May, is still trying to convince me and the cat to rise with the sun. Fortunately, Frou’s old enough that she’s happy to sleep any time or place, so we’re all working it out. Although right now, I’m sitting here trying to figure out if it’s 5am or 5pm! When are we going to dispense with these semi-annual time changes? We need to go back to one time and stick with it. And not daylight savings, either. Standard time is the only measure that’s compatible with the universe FFS!

All right. Be safe out there!