I spoke to my editor today–that’s right, we’re workin’ hard, workin’ Sundays to bring you the best of Vampire fiction ::cough:: As I was saying, I spoke to my editor today and she confirmed that JABRIL will be out on schedule, available for order from on July 31st, and from on August 15. I’ll put up the links to Amazon, and just as soon as I have them, but that won’t be until the August 15 release date.

I really appreciate the enthusiastic support of all my readers who have requested(aka demanded) to know when JABRIL will be coming out, and I’m happy (aka relieved) that I don’t have to explain why it would be late. LOL

So, in the interest of getting the NEXT book out on schedule, I’m going to go back and write some more now.

Keep those comments coming. Everyone who comments before the end of July gets a chance at an autographed copy of RAPHAEL or JABRIL, your choice.


And for those of you who might have missed this on CNN, here’s a story about lady bugs. Some people find it charming. I think it’s just CREEPY.

7 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS!”

  1. Unfortunately you’ve missed my August 2009 Releases sum-up. Oh, ImaJinn, why don’t you have pre-order links up a month ahead of time when I’m doing my promotions…

    1. Well, darn, Tez. But it will still be on sale in September!!!!! LOL

      I’ll send you the info as soon as I get it.


  2. Creepy? Yes. But I love ladybugs! More importantly, my roses love ladybugs. Aphids, however, don’t.

    Ladybugs are good luck, right?

    Now, get back to work!

  3. I just finished RAPHAEL for the third time and was checking to see when JABRIL came out. Yay for Friday. Thank you for the wonderful book(s).

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