DUNCAN just showed up on Amazon in print. Here’s the link DUNCAN PAPERBACK on AMAZON. The price is much better on BN.com, but they’re still in pre-order. I’ll keep on eye on that. I’m sure they’ll switch over within a day.

Also, I would expect Amazon to lower their price to match BN.com within a day.

Also, also, you can get it directly from ImaJinn Books at the BN.com price.



4 thoughts on “DUNCAN’S IN PRINT!!”

  1. While I have read Duncan on my Kindle app, I must have the in print version for my Vampires in America collection!!!! Love your books D.B.!! More . . . pretty please! I also bought copies of Raphael to give as Christmas gifts to get some other friends hooked! Definitely one of my favorite authors!

  2. I ordered the print copy from B&N and downloaded the ebook on my Kindle so I can read it this weekend. I can’t wait.

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