This was a very exciting weekend for me, because AMAZON suddenly released DUNCAN several days early in Kindle format. It was one of my wonderful readers, Julie aka @Ryalin1 on Twitter, who caught the first posting on Amazon. Even then, I had to do an advanced search to find it, and it was several hours before DUNCAN was searchable to everyone! Amazon’s a weird site. Anyway … I knew the book might show up over the weekend sometime, because Amazon does that with Kindle, but I NEVER expected it during the day on Friday! That was so cool!

And even cooler was all the enthusiasm from my readers as you kept me up to date on who was finding it and who was still looking. And then you all started reading! And now I’m getting reports in telling me how much you love DUNCAN’s story, and I’m just so happy. ::sniff::

Of course, not everything is perfect. The print books aren’t available yet, except by preorder from BN.com, or direct from ImaJinn Books at ImaJinnBooks.com.

I do know that ImaJinn expects to start shipping print books tomorrow, and I’ll keep an eye out for them to show up on BN.com and Amazon. The book has been uploaded to Fictionwise.com, but Fictionwise has a weird update schedule, so it might show up this week … or it might be next week. I never know for sure.

This was the most fun, the most exciting, new book release I’ve had yet! Thank you all, each and every one of you for making it so great!

To top it all off, I do have a couple of giveaways going on. Raphael is still playing over at I Smell Sheep’s November swag day. Giveaway is open until November 17th and there’s lots of great prizes, plus a bare-chested Joe Manganiello, which is always a good thing.

And I want to thank Dot Salvagin at La Deetda Reads for her wonderful shout out on DUNCAN’s release.

Also, my publisher has debuted a new Facebook page, including a Featured Author interview with yours truly. And a Kindle Fire giveaway, too.

And now it’s back to work for me. NaNo is in full swing, and Raphael and Cyn are … well, doing what they do, while Rajmund and Sarah are about to take center stage. 🙂

See you all back here next week!


12 thoughts on “DUNCAN IS HERE!”

  1. The only way I found Duncan on Amazon was by searching for Vampires in America. He didn’t come up when I searched Duncan or when I searched DB Reynolds.

  2. I’m in the middle of reading Duncan….for the second time!!
    Very well done! I could go on and on about plot this and character that, but let me thank you for just a couple of things:
    Thank you for the brief Emma/Cyn phone call.
    Thank you for writing scenes that make me pause to consider whether Duncan is at the head of the class in the bedroom/shower/ or where ever. Must re-read previous books to make a final determination.
    Thank you for the blind-side at the end.
    And thank you, thank you, thank you for Lucas! I adore his attitude, and Raphael’s reactions.
    Seriously, I love every one of your books, and they keep getting better. I can’t say that about every author I read.

    And Grimm continues to improve (at least I think so).

  3. Kudos. A wonderful addition to the Vampires in America series. Thank you for DUNCAN’s wonderful story. He is absolutely scrumptious.

  4. I have really enjoyed The Vampires in America series. This latest with Duncan was good and I am glad for Duncan because he deserved a HEA!!! Love Raphael and Rajmund the best. Keep on going!!! Cyma

  5. Just finished “Duncan” – I adored every single page!! What a great story…you really outdid yourself with this one, D B! So many sides of Duncan we never got to see in your previous books – especially that he is such a Southern gentleman!! And a surprise ending, too…you crafty one!

  6. Just started reading Duncan on my new Kindle and I am loving it! You had me crying in the first chapter! I just love your books. Of course, I am going to have to purchase a paperback copy too for my collection!

  7. Just finished reading Duncan……and I got say you have out done yourself. The book was amazing. Now I am,patiently wait for Lucas….Thank you.

  8. I keep trying to leave a comment at RomFan and it keeps showing 0 comments. Is the contest over? What’s up?
    BTW, DUNCAN is great and I can’t wait for the novellas featuring Rafael and Cyn.

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