DRAGAN has arrived at last, and I’m finding two common reactions to his story. (1) Readers love it! and (2) Everyone wants Nick’s book! I guess the epilogue worked, huh? lol

I want to thank all my readers who bought DRAGAN and other books, too. And a special thanks to readers who took the time to post a review on Amazon or elsewhere. Those reviews really matter, and not just because they relieve the stress of releasing a new book! Here’s just a sample from Amazon.

Your books give me much needed escape to to an exciting adventure!” (Donna from Atlanta)
A wild ride that’s full to the brim with romance.”
Marta Cox
Dragon’s story flowed beautifully. Read it in one sitting. Loved the relationship between Dragan and Maeve.”
Carol M.

Thank you all so much.

I’m reminding you again about Nashville, which is coming closer with every day! I’ll be attending the entire weekend of the conference, participating in several different events, including the book signing. There are now one-day and weekend tickets available, so if you just want to come to the Book Bash (book signing) you can do that. You may also bring up to 8 books you already own to the Book Bash to be signed by attending authors.

A reminder that QUINN is an Amazon monthly deal through the end of January. Only $2.49 for the e-book, for a few more days.

And now I’m back to spending time with XAVIER—not writing on a typewriter, and I’m past Chapter 1, but I like the graphic.

Hope you all enjoy this last week of January as unbelievable as that seems! I hope this year doesn’t zip by as fast as last year did!