Yep, I’m still deep in the cave with Antônio, and the writing is going well. Antônio is like a brand new character for me, because he’s a step removed from the North American vamps. He knows Raphael, of course, but he has no ambition to rule the world. He’s all about Europe and his neighbors. Devastatingly handsome, of course. (heh heh) My birthday girl Eddie is keeping me company late into the night, sitting and sleeping over my shoulder while I write, before eventually switching to my lap (because it’s warm under the computer.)

I’m also researching serial killers, which apparently has become a popular pursuit during this endless pandemic. There’s purpose in my research, however. After Antônio, I’ll begin working on a new series, with a vampire FBI agent who specializes in serial killers. I’m kind of excited about that one, because I admit that I watch all those programs on TV about famous killers. You can blame my late DH for that one. He’s the one who got me hooked on the killer shows, and he also had a sizable collection of non-fiction books on serial killers. Though I can assure you, he wasn’t one. This new series will be introduced with a Cyn & Raphael e-novella, so those of you who’ve been asking for more of them should get at least a modest fix from the next novella.

There’s also good news on the AUDIOBOOK front…at last! Covid threw a giant wrench into audiobooks in this country. Studios were shut down for most of last year, which created a backlog. We’ve finally contracted for the next four VIA books, but we’ll have to change narrators. If we want Nick Russo, assuming we can get him, the wait will be forever. His wonderful voice has become very popular. We’re currently auditioning new narrators, so as soon as that’s done, they’ll start recording. Moving on to the Stone Warriors, the final manuscript has been sent to Tor Thom. We don’t have a release date yet for that, although in the past I usually didn’t find out the audiobooks were finished until I caught it on Amazon. But at least all the audiobooks are finally moving forward.

What else…? I don’t have any travel planned through the end of this year. Conferences have been cancelled and/or moved with this new variant. I’m definitely going back on the road and into the air next year, however. I’m going stir crazy along with everyone else.

My website/blog is about to be remodeled. Work will begin sometime in the next few weeks, and there might be interruptions before that. I’ve used this WP theme for a very long time, but it’s no longer supported by WordPress, and it’s become inflexible. I have a new theme picked out, and there’s someone who knows a hell of a lot more about programming than I do who’s going to tailor the new theme to my needs, and then slide (haha, I doubt it’s that easy) my current site data into the new theme. So, if you try to log in and the site is down, that will be why.

LUCAS is on sale in September (which is already HERE, people.) The e-book is only $0.99 until September 15, 2021.

And finally, our world has seen a lot of pain lately. 13 US soldiers and almost 200 Afghan civilians were murdered in the recent airport bombing in Kabul. Hurricane Ida has hit the US Gulf Coast as a Category 4 storm, with devastating results, and fires are raging across the Western US, and even in Minnesota. And now, on top of all this, the Delta variant has us all locking down and wearing masks again. It’s been a rough two years, and it will only get better if we all work to make it so. If you pray, pray for our world. If not, then get out there and fight to bring the necessary changes before it’s too late.

For my US readers, have a fun and safe Labor Day holiday, and for everyone else…stay cool, stay safe out there. It’s a rough world.