LUCAS on SALE (one more day!) and GABRIEL gets his HEA!

LUCAS is on sale for only ONE more day! $1.99 for the e-book on all platforms, ’til July 31.

Look! I’m moving closer to the cave’s entrance, because GABRIEL and his Hana are on the verge of their HEA. A couple more scenes, and then the teaser for DRAGAN, who’s our last Stone Warrior to be freed. And after Dragan, Nick will finally get his book, too. I’ll say again, though, this GABRIEL is a crossover with my Vampires in America. So, if you love RAPHAEL, you’ll want to read this book! I loved bringing them together, though Nick probably didn’t love it as much as I did. 😀

I’ve been working hard, writing all night, and dealing with my house during the day–meeting my contractor, my sprinkler guy, the guy for the new shade in the bedroom, and (oof!) unpacking boxes. It’s endless. But progress is being made. My new bed will be delivered this Saturday (yay!) and I expect to move back in on the following Monday. I’m really looking forward to being in my own home again, even if it will still be a bit chaotic. Lots and lots of boxes, although I do now have books on shelves in one room. Progress!!

Website Changes! Google has a new policy that identifies websites without Security Certificates as “Not Secure.” I’ve obtained a Security Cert for my website and the guys at WPDude who keep my website in excellent order are working on the various changes that need to be made to accommodate the new Cert. It’s less relevant to my site, since I don’t collect and/or store any personal information, but it’s good housekeeping.

And with that I’m back to work! Gotta finish those last scenes and shake Dragan loose of that stone!

One final note, however. My thoughts are with the many people currently living under threat of wildfires all along the West Coast and elsewhere. I live in a fire zone, and I have family currently under evacuation up in Redding, so I know how terrifying it is. But we’ve been never had to suffer the very worst kind of loss. My heart goes out to those who have lost people they loved in this incomprehensible tragedy.

Stay safe out there.