This is it! Settle in, take a look around. Click on the menus, check out the links.

And be sure to SUBSCRIBE (over there on the left), because subscriptions to the old blog WILL NOT TRANSFER to this one. You have to resubscribe to this new blog.  And just to give some incentive, I’ll be holding a special contest for the first 300 subscribers. I’ll be giving away five (5) copies of my new Vignettes Anthology–either print or Kindle, winner’s choice–with the five winners to be drawn from among the first 300 subscribers to this new blog.

Remember, after this week, the old blog will be frozen. No new posts, no new comments, no new subscriptions. If you want to follow what’s going on, and what’s new with my Vampires, this will be the place!

By the way, feel free to let me know how you like the look of this new blog! Also, since this is its maiden voyage, let me know if you encounter any problems, too.

So, see you right back here next Sunday night!


21 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!”

  1. This is beautiful!
    I’ve been buzzing around the new site and everything appears to work just fine.
    And did I miss something? There’s going to be more anthologies in the future? Woo-Hoo!

  2. woot! nice and clean, easy to navigate. Only thing I would recommend is adding a page with upcoming appearances, events, WIP, the better to stalk you with 😉

    1. Oh, no, Kat, I transferred the data and worked on menus and setting things up, but the design is NOT mine. Jen at IDesignBlogs.com did the design.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! It looks great, I think it suits you better, A Great writer has to have a great web site, Congratulations!!!! Also I see that your Vampires in America, The vignettes is volume 1, Does that mean there will be more in the future? I hope so, I can’t wait to read the firts and I’m alredy looking foward to more I just hope that in the future all your book will be publish on hard cover so I can buy them, Right now I own the on ebooks but I would love to have them on real books too, I just love your books that much, Congratulations again!!!!

    1. Thanks, Georgina! You do know that, in addition to the e-books, all of my books are available in trade paperback on both Amazon.com and BN.com. No hardcovers yet, but the trade pb’s are really nice!

      1. Hi: I know they are nice but all the books that I buy and keep in my personal Library are hardcover, I know that a lot of people like your books as much as I do and eventually as they sell even more and more your publisher will suggest to make them in hardcover like they deserved to be!, Then I’ll be able to add them to my collection, Until then I’ll just read them in e-book form and enjoy them over and over again, And wait for your next one to enjoy an other of your great books.

  4. The blog looks great. I am having a little trouble looking at the red links and text on black, but other then that I really like the new site! I can’t wait for the Vignettes Anthology to come out either. I’ve only gotten to enjoy the last three vignettes since I just discovered your wonderful writing and your blog. It’s all great! Can’t wait for Lucas either – yum. Please keep ’em coming!

  5. mrs reynolds very nicely done glad your a success and i have enough faith in you to know it will not be your last.but raphael will always be my favorite book. but i,m waiting for you to prove me wrong ?

    best wishes

  6. Love the new site! Verra verra nice indeed! And so far so good with the subscription and navigation.
    Can’t wait till Feb. 14th. It’s my sister’s birthday, but I’m the one who’ll be getting the coolest present!


  7. Your new blog is warm and inviting. Love the site.
    BTW: I received my bookmarks today..
    I did a happy dance all day.

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