It’s Vampire Week at Blog With Bite and yours truly is one of the featured authors. There will be an interview and review of Raphael, and a book giveaway, too. I think my interview goes live tomorrow.

I’m getting lots of reviews now, including one from the iconic Reviewer #1 at Amazon, Harriet Klausner. She gives RAJMUND five stars! Here’s an excerpt:

The key in the excellent book three of the Vampires of America (see Raphael and Jabril) is that the lead vampire behaves radically different from his star predecessors even with each being arrogant males (an oxymoron). Sara is his equal as she is, when forced, a feisty fighter even with her running from herself . . . This is a great fresh romantic urban fantasy with a strong late twist . . .

Another new review, but this one of RAPHAEL, is up at Leather Bound Books and I’m told the other two books will be coming soon.

RAJMUND is still the #1 Best Seller for Dark Fantasy at with RAPHAEL and JABRIL at #3 and #4. Yay!

Moving on, I get letters from readers asking when they’ll get another Vampire Vignette. Um, well … right now, I’m completely enmeshed in writing SOPHIA. I’m nearing the finish line, which means things are getting very tense, very dicey, very sexy … I love writing this stuff!

I also made some more notes for DUNCAN last night. I’ve got the storyline down. I’ve got the heroine’s character written, no description, no name yet. And I’ve got Duncan in faded denims and a t-shirt with his hair down around his shoulders. ::thunk:: Where was I? LOL

I’m thinking ahead to Book 6, too. I can’t believe I just typed that. Book 6? I actually made some notes on it this weekend. I know what he looks like and a little of his background. I just have to look at my map of Vampire territories and decide which city he calls home.

And to compensate for the absence of a new Vignette, I’ll be posting the first “deleted scene” from RAJMUND next week.

Okay. Back to SOPHIA. She and Colin are about to … Um. Never mind. 😀


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