As promised, a brand new Vignette for the New Year.

Some of my readers wondered what would have happened if Sarah hadn’t come back to Raj. Some even wondered how much he loved Sarah, since he waited for her to come to him and then never actually came out and asked her to marry him.

I created Raj and Sarah, so I have the advantage of always knowing what’s in their hearts. But the book had so many words cut out of it, that I think some of Raj’s heart got lost in the process. I hope this Vignette will put it back where it belongs!

Enjoy and I’ll be back later!


8 thoughts on “VAMPIRE VIGNETTE #5 IS UP!!”

    1. Thanks, Johnny! Book 4 is SOPHIA which is scheduled to pre-release from my publisher on March 30. It should be available from Amazon no later than April 15. I’ll be posting a couple of chapters from SOPHIA beginning January sometime, and I hope to have the cover art by then, too.

      Book 5 will be DUNCAN and I’m still writing that one!


  1. mrs reynollds it vary hard for me to see my friend got me a kindle before xmax i bough all your books i just wanted to no if u could help me get them on the kindle cheaper price and i,ll give mine to the library sinse no one has any along here i even got in touch with blind and bralle service they never heard of u? please help me iant rich j. king

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