IMG_0003Here I am, ready for the Giant Book Fair. I met lots of great readers, reconnected with wonderful friends, and generally had a great time. More pictures …
IMG_0016The view out my windshield when we got stuck in the Cajon Pass for two hours behind an accident and construction that shut it down! Argh.

IMG_0015IMG_0014This is me after that traffic jam, my first event after only 3 hours of sleep. The hat was pretty, though!

IMG_0012IMG_0013Me and my two beautiful book posters! CHRISTIAN was giant! Remember, I’m 6 ft tall. Woot!

And now it’s all about the books . . . CompelledCOMPELLED, my longest novella yet, will release on April 29th. And I should have the final cover and back cover copy for DAMIAN, the first book of my Vampires in America spin-off series, The Stone Warriors, very, very soon. I’m so excited about this one! And then it’s on to LUCIFER, Vampires in America #12!

But first, I have to finish unpacking and washing from RT, and catch up on some sleep. RT is great, but it’s non-stop! Too bad I wasn’t wearing my FitBit. 🙂

Duncan - 600x900x300I’m off to work on the DAMIAN line edit, one more round with my beautiful warrior. See y’all next week, with more details and a DUNCAN Audio giveaway!