Yep, it’s that time again. I’m hard at work on SOPHIA revisions. Nothing too bad this time around, but as always there’s never enough hours in the day! So my late nights are filled once again with SOPHIA.

But this is GOOD news, because it means SOPHIA will definitely be out on schedule. So the groan is only halfhearted!

And the other GOOD news is FREEBIES! Yes, at long last, I got my act together and I now have freebies in the form of autographed bookplates and some bookmarks, too. And I’m giving them away to all of my wonderful readers. Basically, you just send me a SASE and I sent you stuff back, but I’ll be putting up a FREEBIES page later this week with specific directions, including my mailing address. So keep your eyes open!

In other exciting news, my critique partner Michelle Muto released her first YA Paranormal this week on Amazon. It’s called Book of Lost Souls and it’s now available for Kindle download. This is a G rated YA, no sex! But lots of fun, mystery and a hunky demon love interest (in a teenaged sort of way, of course.)

One final note before I call it a night (or a very early morning) … we’ve all seen the heartbreaking images from Japan. I know all of our thoughts are with the people there as they struggle to survive and recover from this terrible disaster. But if possible, and I know sometimes it’s not, please donate whatever you can. There are many relief organizations rushing to help, but here’s CNN’s webpage with links to a variety of relevant agencies if you’re interested.

Well, that’s it for me. It’s late and tomorrow (er, today) there are more revisions waiting for me!

See you next week!


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