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November is over, and, thanks to Quinn, I did it again! I’m a NaNo winner. 50K in one month. Yay me!

To celebrate my NaNo victory, I took one night off from writing, and binge-watched the rest of The Punisher‘s first season instead. It’s an intensely violent series, so not for the faint of heart, but I loved Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle and had to see how they ended it. The show was a ratings success, so naturally they’ll be back with Season 2. Not sure when.

My long-time readers will know what this means. Yep, I’m in the cave, working hard to finish QUINN, which, by the way, now has an April 2018 release date. Which is why I’m in the cave. That’s what I do now. That’s all I do. The only time I venture from my cave is when I’m off to the gym. This was a rough year for body and heart. I can’t do anything about my heart, but I can get my strength back.

By the way, I’m doing a super December giveaway over on FRESH FICTION. I’m giving away all five (5) novellas, the first four in the PRINT version of the novella omnibus, and the fifth novella, Relentless, in its stand-alone e-book. You can enter HERE all through the month of December

All right, I’m heading back to the cave. Things are about to get sexy. Again. 😉

Happy December, and I’ll see you next week.