1. I’m glad your interview went well. I but I have a question that’s been bugging me, who is Sophia? I don’t remember reading about her. I hope someone else has thought of this question as well. Thanks

  2. Now I review about Rajmund, I read one of the reviews from someone else that seemed disappointed that the two men were totally different. I’m so glad that you gave him the personality he has, I knew he was a down to earth person when he walked into the room with his bow tie loose from his neck, I instantly told myself here’s a guy I could hang out with. This book has shown more real life scenes were a reader can relate immediately. The police department scene had me cheering for him, so cool & smooth. If that was Raphael it would not have went that smooth.

    After reading the first book I thought there will not be any male character that would capture my heart but once again I was wrong. If I did not know better I think you are trying to give a heart attack with these gorgeous luscious men. I started this book at 11:30 pm and did not close it until 8 am the next morning. This entire series has me up in arms until I read the final pages.

    Girl, you have done again, please keep up the good work because I must certainly appreciate every single book. Your writing gets me through some horror days. I have them all and talk about all the time. Some on my friends at work has brought the last one and we spend a lunch hour discussing the book.

    1. Aw, thanks, Marchelle! I’m so glad you love Rajmund. I surely do love my blue eyed vamp!

  3. SOPHIA is a powerful female vampire whom we’ll meet in Book 4. She’s the child of the Canadian Vampire Lord Lucien, whom we will also meet for the first time in Book 4.

    Raphael and Cyn are also featured in Book 4, along with Sophia and her human lover Colin Murphy.

    I’ll be posting a teaser for SOPHIA in the near future, as well as the cover art.

  4. I will echo Marchelle Davis’s comments. I am glad that Rajmund has his own distinct personality and is different from Raphael. Fabulous book and I am very grateful that you are going to share the scenes you had to cut. Though I wish your publisher would have published the book as you wrote it. Again, great job on Rajmund.

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