UPDATE!! The Vampire Wire blog will appear on Thursday, May 5!

I spent all this week writing Duncan when I wasn’t chatting live with readers. And thanks, by the way, to everyone who came by the Bitten by Books party. I hope all of my giveaway prizes go to some of YOU! I have no control over that whatsoever, but a writer can hope.

But today I turned to writing guest blogs, to get the word out about SOPHIA and the rest of the guys.

First off, I’m guesting on The Vampire Wire this week. I’m talking about how I came up with my Vampires’ world, and I’m giving away a signed copy of SOPHIA. All you have to do to be eligible for the drawing is leave a comment, and as always it’s open internationally. I’m not sure when the post will go up. My fault–May snuck up on me, and I was late getting it in, but it should be Monday sometime and the giveaway will be open for comments for ten days, so plenty of time.

I’ve also written a couple of writerly essays, one on the FF&P chapter blog. That’s the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter of the RWA, of which I’m a member. The essay discusses where my ideas come from and how I turn them into something I can actually write with. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

The other was a short blog on the question of titles and how I stink at them! It’s at The Book Boost, if you’re interested.

I’ve got more interviews, more guest blogs and more giveaways coming up later in the month, and I’ll post them all here. You know, I need a third column on this blog. Damn.

And finally, I usually avoid politics of any kind on my blogs. But, just as I was getting ready to write this blog, word came down that a small group of U.S. Special Forces personnel had conducted a raid on a house in Pakistan and finally brought down Osama bin Laden. The man who laughed at the image of the Towers falling, at the knowledge that 3000 people, citizens of nations from all over the world, had died in New York, in Washington, D.C. and in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania—that man is finally dead. This isn’t politics. This is a small measure of justice for all of those people and the loved ones they left behind, and on this day I wanted to remember them here.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope you’ll stop by my various guestings.


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