I’m happy to say that the first LUCIFER reviews are starting to roll in, and they’re fantastic! I’m always nervous about a new book, but these reviews have made me a very happy author!

“Top Read, loved it!!”
Rosemary Potter,

“At book eleven in the ViA, there is no sign of series fatigue, story duplication, or character boredom. Lucifer held me on a nail-biting precipice from beginning to the pulse pounding climax and ending.”
The Book Chick (The

“In this latest tale of the forces vying for control of the North American territories, where deception, brutality and betrayal are front and centre, Ms Reynolds has penned what can most aptly be described as a profoundly moving and captivating romance. While Lucifer delivers the same intensity and grit that we’ve come to expect from these fast-paced tales of war, danger and mayhem, in Lucifer we also see the human he once was, the values he holds dear and the depth of his love that will last through the ages.”
Karen Roma

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I’m so excited about LUCIFER’s release. I love every one of my heroes when I write them, but some of them hold a special place in my heart, and Lucifer is one of those. I also wanted to let you know that you can now pre-order the PRINT version of LUCIFER as well as the ebook. Here are a couple of links for the print version:

And you can go to LUCIFER’s Page for all of the pre-order links.

SP_500And don’t forget the SHIFTER PLANET sale, which only has a few hours left! Entangled has extended the sale through November 6. After that, it goes back to the regular price.

And with that, I’m going back to Kato. It’s going to take a lot of searching on my part to find the right cover image for Kato. He’s pretty damn unique. <3 i-votedDON’T FORGET TO VOTE! And I’ll see you all next week!