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In this latest novel by D.B. Reynolds, she delights her readers with a fast-paced, primal story of merciless clans and the all-consuming need for dominance and revenge. LACHLAN is magnificent; imposing in stature and a mesmerizing vision as he wields a strength that is both lethal and captivating in its power, and let’s not forget his heart-stopping Scottish brogue!

After years of planning his ultimate conquest of the current Scottish Vampire Lord, Lachlan and Julia are thrown together on a mutual quest for justice and revenge. And while each has a different reason for their single-minded goal, there is no denying the depth of attraction and chemistry that develops throughout this engrossing tale bursting with equal amounts of danger, suspense and explosive passion.

LACHLAN … is a well-balanced story, with a marvelous plot, insightful world building, and the added bonus of some quality time spent with the formidable Raphael. … there is no mistaking that Ms Reynolds has returned to her absolute best with this latest installment. When I finally reached the end, I was reluctant to turn the final page; so now I wait for what comes next.
In contest news, all three winners of my CHRISTIAN Audio Giveaway have been confirmed and received their prizes. My publisher, Belle Books/ImaJinn, is planning some pretty cool giveaways for the LACHLAN launch, so be on the lookout for those. I’m also planning an exclusive giveaway as part of my next newsletter, which will go out this week, so look for that, too. And there will be more giveaways as part of LACHLAN’s release celebration.

In the meantime, I’m back to writing every night, working on DRAGAN, Book Four of my Stone Warriors. I’m also getting ready for the various upcoming conferences: RWA National Meeting in New York City, July 25-28; The Romance Retreat in Riverside, CA, September 6-8; and Shameless Book Con in Orlando, FL, October 18-20. There will be signings at all three of these cons. If you’re planning to attend any of them, and especially if you want a specific book, please let me know. I l.o.v.e. meeting my readers.

And now it’s back to work. To my friends and readers who celebrate, I wish you Gut Yontif as the celebration of Passover begins this Friday. And to those who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful egg hunt and a joyous holiday.

See you all next week!