There’s a battle going on over at Book Faery’s blog. It’s called the battle of the sexies and you get to vote. There are two ballots up right now. The first one is for your favorite Alpha female, but Cyn’s not listed! ???

But the second one is for your favorite Alpha male. That was an easy one for me. RAPHAEL is my guy. You have to vote for three, so you can vote for your other favorites, as well. The event is going on all month and there are tons of prizes. I’ll be guesting on August 21st, including a book giveaway, but I’ll post the link for that closer to the date.

In the meantime, get over to Book Faery and VOTE FOR RAPHAEL!

The voting link is in the right hand column, scroll down to Battle of the Sexies, Part 1 and click on the banner.

I also have a NEW INTERVIEW at Escape Into Romance. So, drop by and show your love!



  1. Great interview. I love the statistics for eBook sales. I converted to eBook reading almost 2 years ago when recovering from back surgery and it’s the only way I read now. The good thing is that I can take my library with me. I have a couple hundred books on my eReading device (pocket-sized laptop, mBook-1 by UMID). The bad news is that my TBR stack keeps growing. It’s so easy to talk myself into buying another book when it only takes up kilobytes on my hard drive instead of shelf space on an already packed bookcase. LOL

  2. Loved the interview. Each time you do one I feel like I know you a little bit better.

    I voted! But I did have a hard time picking after Raphael. I think I went with Curran and Rio. And Yes! where was Cyn on that list of heroines???? Terrible oversight.

    I just pre-ordered the new Kindle. I’ve been holding out but I finally gave into temptation. I love my paper books but I do think e-books are the wave of the future. Since I can transfer pdf files onto the Kindle I can get books from just about anywhere.

  3. I read your interview posted on Book Faery. I loved your comments about why you started this series and your books convey exactly what you planned. These Lords are not especially nice guys but they can’t be because of the responsibility and power they wield. I love their ruthlessness and the fact that they adhere to the rules governing vampire life and the consequences visited on those who violate these rules. I know your books are going to continue to be extremely popular. I look forward to reading all of your Vampire Lords series. I cannot abide ‘namby-pamby’ heroes and heroines. Life is certainly not always a bowl of cherries and while I escape into a fantasy world, I want that world to have some degree of realism to it.

    I am one of your greatest fans and have been since the moment I read “Raphael”. I eagerly anticipate each new book as it becomes available for purchase.

    By the way, I agree with your comments regarding ebooks. I recently purchased an e-reader and downloaded ‘Rajmund’ to my ereader. I also downloaded the e-versions of Raphael and Jabril as I know I will return to these books for a re-read.

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