So, after a week from hell, I’m baaack! I had a conversation with my editor at the beginning of this past week. I told her that one good thing to come out of this nightmare was that my drug-addled brain was producing some terrific new scenes for future books. She thought that was hilarious. Fortunately, I made enough notes to remember the hallucinations! LOL

DECEPTION large for blogAn update on promos … there will be more in the future, but most of last week’s promos and giveaways are over. There is still one giveaway open for now. It ends soon, but there’s still a print or e copy of DECEPTION up for grabs on NOCTURNAL BOOK REVIEWS.

All of the other prizes have been awarded and will be shipped this week.

AUDIO BOOK UPDATE …. Raphael - 600x900x300Jabril - 600x900x300Rajmund - 600x900x300 I heard from Traci Odom, our lovely narrator, this week, too. She’s working on SOPHIA right now. Yay!

I’ve spent the last three days catching up on hundreds of emails, a huge pile of snail mail–most of which went into the shredder, doing piles of laundry. Amazing what one week can do. Oh, and taxes. Yikes. Tonight, while I worked, I watched the movie John Wick again. Love that movie!

I’ll be back working on ALLIANCE this week, with a new sub-plot courtesy of my recent hallucinogenic bout. LOL

Thank you all for your patience, and for your wonderful reviews and comments on DECEPTION.

Have a great week!