I’M BACK with 7 THINGS … !!

First of all, sorry for the long absence. I was plowed under with the flu for the last couple of weeks. I did manage to meet a couple of last minute deadlines early on, but then my brain just shut down.

But, I’m better now and, as of last night, once again writing. And to celebrate my return to the living, Michelle Muto has tagged me for
7 Things Readers Don’t Know About Me.

So, here goes …

1. I’m six feet tall. Exactly. My little sister is 1/4 inch shorter which has bugged her all our lives.

2. I married one of my University professors.

3. I’m one of six children. My parents were brave people. LOL

4. I used to enter (and win) dance contests, like rock and roll dancing (NOT disco!)

5. The one trophy I kept from my mis-spent youth is a big ceramic mug I won in a couple’s beer chugging contest.
12 oz. each, seriatim, in 5.2 seconds, baby. That’s right. Read it and weep.

6. I was a horrible high school student. It was THEIR fault. I was bored. My counselor was convinced I was on drugs. I wasn’t.

7. My right leg is 2 mm (just over 1/16 of an inch) shorter than my left.

Whew! That was tough.

And now for something completely different, here’s something I found on Amazon.com. It’s a goatee saver for men with beards. Honest. Obviously designed by someone who’s never had a beard in his life. Sheesh.


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