Short version: My house is still a mess, and I’m indulging in shoe therapy to ease the pain. I bought two pairs so far, and have my eye on some sandals. Plus, I gave in and bought a new Kindle PaperWhite. My old, faithful Kindle has served me well, but it’s become cranky, not holding a charge, freezing up, and both the socket for the charger and the hook for the in-cover light need to be jiggled to get them to work. But my new PaperWhite is terrific, and has a pretty purple cover! 😀

Lots of repeats on TV this week, but Game of Thrones continued with its third new episode. I love this show, but really hate watching it an hour at a time. If I had more patience, I’d wait until the end of the season and watch them back to back. Alas, I’m not that patient. This week’s ep was good, lots going on, betrayal all around. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who the players are. They all look like they need a bath. lol

And now … I do believe I promised a Snippet. This is actually from HUNTED, the next Cyn & Raphael Novella. Lucas is pushing Aden as the new Lord of the Midwest, urging Raphael to support him. We all know by now that, rules be damned, if Raphael can’t work with him, Aden won’t survive the challenge. This snippet is from the scene where Raphael meets Aden for the first time, and is in Cyn’s POV. Also, it hasn’t been read by my editor yet, so there might be changes before it’s published.

Note: This work is the sole, copyrighted property of the author.

…..The door opened, and the smell of dust and exhaust fumes wafted in, followed by louder voices. A moment later and Lucas was back, and he wasn’t alone. The newcomer, presumably Aden, was nearly as tall as Raphael, but bulkier, with thickly padded shoulders and arms beneath a leather coat. He had black hair and an olive complexion that made her think his origins were in the Mediterranean region of the world. He stepped into the room behind Lucas and paused, his hooded gaze taking in the entire room and its occupants before zeroing in on Raphael. Cyn tensed when Raphael stood to meet him, but Raphael himself seemed perfectly at ease, and she reminded herself that he was fully capable of defending himself and everyone else if it came down to it.
…..“My lord Raphael,” Lucas said formally, “This is Aden.”
….. Aden surprised Cyn by giving Raphael a slow, respectful bow from the waist. He straightened, then waited a beat, his eyes carefully assessing Raphael’s reaction before he crossed the room and stretched out his hand in greeting.
…..Raphael’s impassive expression didn’t change, but he shook Aden’s hand, and then gestured at the opposite sofa, inviting him to sit. All three vampires took a seat, with Lucas and Raphael together on the sofa facing Aden.
…..As if that was the signal everyone had been waiting for, the tension level in the house plummeted.


Back to work for me! Have a great week, and to my U.S. readers (sigh) Happy Tax Day!


3 thoughts on “I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT”

  1. Okay ..My tension levels went up ( lol )
    caused by The anticipation of waiting for your next superb story ! alway happy for a peek into the story …Thank You …..

  2. Shoes are good therapy. Yes, almost everyone on Game of Thrones could use a bath- except Dani. I love those dragons.

    Thanks so much for taking the time and giving us the peek. I am so interested in meeting Aden and I never get enough of Raphael.

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