ARya StarkSo, let’s begin with the Season Finale of Game of Thrones. NOTE:SPOILERS FOLLOW!
I actually held on to last week’s ep and watched the last TWO episodes together. Episode #39 (Watchers on the Wall) was necessary, but kind of boring. Lots of men fighting and screaming by firelight, and I could barely tell who was who. But at least Ghost (the wolf) was released from prison! I worry about Jon Snow, though. I didn’t like the way that witch was looking at him! The Season Finale (#40, The Children) was more interesting. Lots of characters getting theirs from other characters whom they’d tormented/betrayed. Yay especially for Tyrion who killed both his treacherous mistress and his bastard of a father! That will be interesting next season. Who will be the new King’s Hand? Across the sea, it was sad when Daenarys had to lock up the dragons, though. So sad. Back to the Starks who are clearly, I think, central to whatever is going to happen in the end. You’ve got Jon Snow and Sansa (who two eps ago finally found her backbone) and Bran who’s going to fly (whatever that means.) But the one I admire most is probably Arya, which is why it’s her picture up there. She’s tougher than any of them, setting off for Bravos all by herself, instead of going off with Brienne, who clearly would have tried to protect her. Although The Hound was right, no place is safe anymore, so I don’t know where Brienne would have gone with her. But Arya is tough. When The Hound was injured and dying, I was of two minds, because his character was somewhat redeemed from the terrible things he’d done. So I was curious to see what Arya would do. But she was cold, cold, cold! Leaving a man to die slowly, at the mercy of the elements and animals. Really cold. Let’s just hope he doesn’t survive somehow and come back to haunt her. The Hound is a hard man to kill. All in all, though, a very satisfying Season Finale. No huge cliffhangers, just a jumping off point for next season. So, good on them. And, of course, after this season, they veer from the books, so who knows what will happen.

Speaking of books, I was lucky enough this week to read advance copies of TWO, yes TWO! excellent forthcoming books. The first is PRISON OF HOPE, the terrific 4th book in Steve McHugh’s fascinating Hellequin Chronicles. Steve happens to be a friend and critique partner, so I get to see his books way early. Yay! And Prison of Hope may be the best one yet. And the second book I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of was a new Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance coming out later this year from my publisher by an established author. This was a very early advance copy, so I’m not sure I can share either the title or the author, but it was a wonderful story and you’ll be hearing more from me once it’s released. I can hardly wait for the next book, and this one isn’t even out yet!

postcard-2.75inx8.5in-h-frontMy darling Vincent. I think I only talk about him so I can put this picture up! 🙂 I’m nearly finished with my revisions, nearly ready to ship this one off to my editor at ImaJinn/Belle. But as I edit, I’ve come across some of my favorite scenes and I thought I’d share a snippet with you. It’s short but sweet (also not seen yet by my editor, so it may change in the final.)
….Lana removed her bra, pulled the tank top back on, then turned to face him as she began working on her braid. “When it comes to women, men are easily distracted,” she said absently, as she threaded her fingers through her now unbraided hair and shook her head to loosen it over her shoulders.
….Vincent straightened next to her, at least partly to ease the sudden tightness of his groin at the sight of her breasts pressing against the thin shirt. They weren’t large, but they were round and firm, with dusky nipples that were in plain sight beneath the nearly transparent fabric . . . and he’d just proved her point about easily distracted men.
….“Lana,” he said, her display also proving
his point. “I won’t let you—”
….“You’re not my master, Vincent,” she said, interrupting him. “We’re partners. I don’t need your permission. Besides, this is the only thing that will work. You need inside that house and I can get you there.”
….Vincent glowered down at her. It was much easier working with his vampires. They did what they were told.

Ah, Vincent, I’m going to miss you. Moving on … I’m going to be writing some Vignettes and some guest blog stories in the very near future, so I have a question for you. Tell me who you’d most like to see featured in the stories. You can reply to this post, or you can email me at OR And just to encourage lots of responses, I’ll do a random drawing of everyone who responds, and the winner gets her/his choice of any one of my titles, print or e, including VINCENT. Although, if you choose VINCENT, you’ll obviously have to wait until he’s released. 🙂

So, let me know which stories you’d like to read, have a great week, and I’ll see you right back here!


18 thoughts on “GoT, NEW BOOKS and VINCENT”

  1. Hello D.B.Reynolds,
    First cant wait for Vincent….Not much longer..
    I also would like to see a vignette about Lucas and Aiden…
    The snippet is freaking awesome…
    Hope to see more Vignette with Raphael be my favorite..
    Well,let you go back to work and let finish Vincent and start with vignette..
    Send you xoxoxo
    Agnese Maria Kohn

  2. Would it be wrong to want some trouble in paradise? How about one of the Lords being obsessively pursued by some wicked, wily, evil woman and the Lord’s ever faithful mate coming to rescue her love by flushing out the usurper of her position.

  3. There are two of your amazing vampires for whom I would like you to write vignettes. First up comes Aden who holds a special place in my heart. His relationship with Sidonie struck a chord with me I hadn’t found since Raphael and Cyn. Then there’s Duncan and his perfect fit with Emma. Both would be good in vignettes IMO.

    Thanks. D.B., for asking for our participation.

  4. First time posting, but I have to put my two cents in regarding possible vignettes. Aden, Aden and more Aden. 🙂

  5. Hmmm, love them all, Raphael and Cyn being my favorite, but we haven’t heard much about Duncan and Emma, would like to know what they have been up to lately, maybe a vignette with a little trouble in paradise!
    Love this series, and can’t hardly wait for Vincent, and any thing else you write! Have a great day!

  6. As a Cyn myself, I love to read about Raphael and Cyn, but Duncan is also one of my favorites but then so is Aiden. I have read and reread all of them so many times they are like old friends.

  7. Ah, I see some good choices! I’m going with Duncan, too. I do so miss him. Aden is a great choice as well . But Duncan? Brilliant.

  8. I would love to see what’s been happening with Duncan and Emma?? And, maybe a little trouble in paradise?? Maybe a little MATES Club “conference”? Online and skyping and have everyone voice their opinion on the “situation”?

    Also, my GoT GUESS (NOT a SPOILER, just a rabid fan); The Reg Witch is Jon Snow’s mother…? Remember SHE was looking at him, like she knew him… Please note I have NOT read the books, just watching the series, like everybody else. But this is what immediately came to mind and the directors made such of point about that scene (almost in slow-mo) but that’s what I think… 😛

  9. My pick would be Raphael and Cyn …. hands down. The two of them together are hard to top. 🙂

  10. I have to first respond to your “Game Of Thrones” post
    warning: spoiler alert info….
    Tyrion. I saw a petition going around that if his character got killed off viewers would boycott the series… If that would happen I’d be on that picket line.
    but. You didn’t comment on an ironic twist to this episode. That being Tyrion kills his father… On Father’s Day. lol.
    purposeful? I myself think so.
    I totally agree about your opinion on Hound. And add my own that for this series… unless you see actual death of a character… they’re not out of it. sort of what I think about Hound. To be continued…..

    as for your series. With you I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Wouldn’t it be simply lucious for some unattached member of Raphael’s team and Cyn to pair up… of course it would be a set up kind of thing for someone who might be targeting Raphael and the plan would be to make it look like they were making a play for cyn to draw the evil dude out.. but Raphael would be so consumed by jealousy and land up killing one of his own who was only doing what he was told… Raphael goes into the shower to wash off the blood from him killing said person.. and he wakes up from his dream…. lol…

  11. I’d love a follow up on Duncan and Emma. Besides Raphael, Duncan is my favorite so I would always read a short story that he was in to get a little fix of him. Even better if it had the two of them together.

    Or maybe get all the mates together…that is always mayhem in the making and really fun to read!

  12. I would love to see more on Emma and Duncan. Also Raj and Emma. To be honest, any of them since I love them all!

  13. i would like more of Raphael please but it’s true i’m really behind in teh series so i’m happy with anything new to add on my list so far ( still sad not having won at bitten by book ç_ç i would have been so delighted with your prize since even the novellas were in print and for international so such a dream….!*finger crossed for the futur*)

    thank you for this new opportunity to win one of your titles

  14. I would like to an update story about Aden or Duncan. Would love to see how their new lives are going with their mates.

  15. Ok, so I’m in the minority on this one. But if not Raphael. Then Lucas and his Katie. I just love Lucas.

  16. I’d like to read an update on Raphael, but if not him either Duncan or Lucas, pretty please *—* Love your books!

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