2016 GOODREADS badgeI finally updated my 2016 GoodReads Challenge. They’re not showing percentages this year (???) but I did the math and with 35 books read, I’m just a little bit behind. No surprise there, since I’ve been spending all of my time writing like crazy this year.

The Romance ReviewsI posted last week that CHRISTIAN and SHIFTER PLANET both needed votes for The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards. I’m happy to say that they BOTH got the votes they needed, and lots more. I want to thank all of my readers who voted! You all are the best!hearts w black

SFWAcolorWhen I started writing a long time ago, I decided I should join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA.) That’s when I discovered one doesn’t simply join SFWA, one actually has to be a published author! I’ve been writing like crazy since then, but it took me this long to get around to applying for membership. And, yay! I’ve been accepted! I’m an official member of SFWA! It’s a dream come true!

happy yay writerI’m happy to say my editor loved the DAMIAN rewrite. Yay! I’m still doing a very few edits, but DAMIAN is a book. Double Yay! And then there’s COMPELLED, the next Cyn & Raphael novella, which is d.o.n.e. right down to the Galley Proof. We should have a cover soon, and a release date, too. I’m really excited to bring Nick and his Stone Warriors to all of my readers. And wait ’til you see the DAMIAN cover – yowza!

Okay, I’m going back to finish off those few DAMIAN edits, and then I’ll read for a few minutes before going to sleep, so I can catch up on my GoodReads Challenge.

spring 2016Happy Spring, and I’ll see you next week!