It’s official! My publisher has just contracted for FIVE more Vampires in America books, which means I’ll be able to complete the series the way I’d hoped. One book for each of the eight territories of North America!

Sophia will be #4 and then the ever-popular Duncan for #5. And then … I’m thinking a cowboy is called for. A cowboy vampire, hmmmmmm.

And don’t forget Book Faery’s month-long blog event. The voting is still going on, so VOTE FOR RAPHAEL!

RAJMUND continues to gather good reviews on Amazon, and so far he’s the #2 bestseller in Dark Fantasy on

And I’ll be doing my once a month blog at FLIRTY AUTHOR BITCHES this Tuesday, August 10th.

In the meantime, now that my blue-eyed vampire is on his own, I’m back with SOPHIA, deep in the story where things are about to get complicated.

Readers have asked about more Vignettes (I just published a BOOK!) I don’t know when the next Vignette will be, but I’ll be posting some deleted scenes from RAJMUND that were cut because the original manuscript was too long. I wept when I had to cut them, so I’m happy my readers will at least get to enjoy them after the fact.

I know I’m forgetting something, dammit. And when I remember, I’m sure I’ll be popping up with another post. Oh, well. See you then!


11 thoughts on “FIVE MORE BOOKS!”

  1. Woo Hoo… that is such exciting news for you and for your readers too. I’m glad the contract is official. Hope you got to celebrate!

  2. 1- as a reader- a good manuscript is never too long!! Looking forward to the cuts on Rajmund.
    2-I hate waiting a year in between books.!! But I’m sure it takes that with the writing and editing and the re-writing and the re-editing… But I and looking forward to Sophia and oh so more Duncan. Really like him.

    1. Hopefully, it won’t be a year this time. The plan is for SOPHIA to come out sooner than that. I agree … I year is TOO long!


  3. Whoope-e-e-e! 5 more!!! I just finished Raj and it’s too bad he’s so damn happy with Sarah. I think he and I would make a perfect pair.

    I agree with Roxanne, if it’s a good book it is never too long.

    I will wait impatiently for Sophia and expecially Duncan. I wouldn’t mind an Emilie novel too. Can you get those 5 extended to more?

    1. I love Emelie, but I’d hate to take her away from RAJMUND so soon! One of the Deleted Scenes I’ll be posting is part of Emelie’s story, though.

      Thanks, Dot!


  4. That is awesome news Donna! Can’t wait to read Duncan’s story. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about the cuts but glad you’re sharing them with us. I agree with the others – if the story is great it’s never too long.

  5. That is so great! I’m glad all 8 books are going to come out and the whole story gets to be told. I’m looking forward to Sophia’s book and then Duncan’s. His book is definitely one I’ve been waiting for. Cowboy vampire? I love it!

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