DUNCAN is coming! And I mean that in a completely non-sexual way. 😀 And along with Duncan, you’ll meet all sorts of new characters, but especially the lovely Emma Duquet. More on Emma in a moment, but first ….

I’m getting many questions about Amazon pre-orders. Unfortunately, Amazon will not do pre-orders for small press books, not even for the Kindle version. And my publisher, ImaJinn Books, is a small press. So, you’ll have to wait for the actual release before you can order. But I will post it here the MOMENT I know the official date, plus I always check Amazon and BN.com rather obsessively once my books release, so that I know as soon as possible when they’re actually on sale on those sites. Fictionwise, too, but Fictionwise is always a couple weeks behind the other two.

Believe me, I’m just as eager for DUNCAN to get here as you are!

In other news (or not really news, but …) It’s nearly the end of October. Hard to believe, I know. But there’s exciting stuff coming up in November, including a big year’s end splash at The Romance Reviews, with tons of prizes, including a couple of books from yours truly. More details to come, but you definitely want this one on your calendar.

And next Sunday, October 30, I’ll be dropping in at Paranormal Haven’s Halloween event. I’m still holding out on the specifics, hoping to get some good news before then, but we’ll see. Whatever I end up blogging about, though, I’m definitely doing a giveaway, so come by and see me. I’ll be posting more about that next week, too.

And now, one more teaser, the last one before DUNCAN’s release … just a taste of Emma, with a dash of Duncan for very good measure. I’ve posted it on DUNCAN’s page HERE. Scroll down and look for TEASER #2.

Hope you enjoy meeting Emma (and seeing the delectable Duncan through her eyes) and I’ll see you right back here next week!


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