Work, work, work. I went to a family birthday party today, and one of my male relatives wanted to know why the next book wasn’t out yet. Really? Jeez. I’m writing as fast as I can! And I’m making progress, too! In fact, Aden just discovered Cyn was armed and dangerous … especially when crossed. (heh, heh)

I did wear green for the occasion. Here’s my St. Patrick’s Day shirt (look closely.)

I think this cements my position as the weird relation in my family. 🙂

The Fool For Romance contest has officially begun. Lots of authors, including yours truly, with a great grand prize that includes a $100 Amazon gift card. Check it out below.

FFR 2013

Also, a reader’s answer to March Madness, DABWAHA is officially open for bracket completion. Lots of fun and amazing prizes.

LUCAS was Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal in Science Fiction and Fantasy yesterday — an Irish vampire for St. Paddy’s Day. A lot of readers took advantage of the one-day reduced price, which I posted on Facebook. Hope you were one of them. I don’t know if they repeat titles or not, but I’ll keep my eye out and let you know.

And now it’s back to the cave with me, because apparently even my brother-in-law is waiting for ADEN. Grrr.


PS Oh, yeah, and I’m updating my 100 Book Challenge, too.

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