CHRISTIAN IS HERE! (and the South will never be the same)

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“I am loving the direction that Reynolds is taking with the series and it’s absolutely one of my favorites and one that I highly recommend to vampire romance lovers.”
The BookChick Blog

“Captivating and brimming with brilliance, Christian is yet another defining addition to the ever-evolving world of Vampires in America created by D.B. Reynolds.”
K T Book Reviews

Texas . . . the heart of a territory that stretches from the golden deserts of New Mexico to the turquoise shores of the Florida Keys. It’s big, it’s rich, and it’s the next battleground for some of the most dangerous vampires in the world.

Christian Duvall . . . charismatic and powerful, and determined to claim the South as his own. But with old enemies and new fighting to stop him, victory suddenly takes on a brutal, and far more treacherous, edge. Because what one of his enemies wants more than anything else already belongs to Christian . . . and her name is Natalie.

Natalie Vivant Gaudet . . . brilliant and lovely, a strong Southern woman who can unravel the most intricate financial schemes designed to swindle and steal. She loves her complex job and the simplicity of her life. And then she meets Christian. He’s beautiful, he’s complicated, and she’ll fight to keep him alive.

With allies trying to kill him, and enemies readying a horde of zombie vampires to roll over all of Texas, it will take every shred of Christian’s power and Natalie’s determination to win this war and give North America a brand new Lord of the South.

And check out the post-Christian map of the territories!

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