This is just a quick note to confirm that the 2020 Book Lovers Con in Nashville is a definite “GO!” I’ll be there along with more than 150 other authors to make sure every attendee has a great time. The list of activities is amazing, but most importantly, I want to meet YOU. I’ll be there the entire long weekend, roaming through the various seminars and activities, and I’ll be one of your hosts for the RUSTIC PROM, which should be fun. Since I never went to prom in high school, this will be my FIRST! 😀

And if you’re not attending the conference itself, you can still drop in for the giant BOOK BASH which is open to the public, only a $10 entry fee. The signing is 11:00am-1:00pm on Saturday, March 21. I’ll have some of my books with me, but if there’s a specific book that you want signed, you can either bring your own (up to 8 books) or pre-order them on my website at DBR BOOK PRE-ORDERS.

Hope to see you in NASHVILLE!