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I’m writing away here in smoky Southern California, staying inside as much as possible, although the smoke manages to get through the air conditioner and the vents anyhow. But I can’t complain. My heart goes out to those people in the path of the fire. Living in a coastal canyon myself, I know what it’s like to see that wall of flame bearing down on your home, while you rush to save whatever you can. Even prepared as we are every year, it’s a terrible and frightening thing.

But no home is worth a life. This fire has already claimed two of our courageous firemen and several people have been burned when they ignored the evacuation orders. If they tell you to leave, leave. You put not only your life at risk, but the lives of the men and women who will be fighting to save you.

On that somber note, let’s introduce a little joy of life. This video is amazing. Even if you don’t play guitar, you can appreciate the lovely music and the joy of the artists as they play.

Take care of yourselves.


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