9 thoughts on “AS PROMISED …. VIGNETTE #12”

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I am totally freaking out… Juro & Luci?!! I LOVE IT! I’ve read it twice and just wow! great job! Love the heat and who doesn’t love Juro? Oh my, we need to find someone outrageous for his silent brother!! 🙂 Need more of these two!!

    Come on, Unforgiven, then Vincent!!!

  2. Thank you so much. This small vignette was better than entire books I have read. Come on October 10, I guess I can make it now.

  3. Oh, my! That was splendid, DB! And to think that there’s another one just like him at home – Yum! I agree with Lana – better than many books out there. Endlessly amazed you can do this, put a whole story in a just a few words.

    And Luci! I’ve been wanting an HEA for her for a long time, the sweetie. Cyn is going to freak – I love it. Thanks, kiddo, great job! Definitely worth the wait to the 10th if we can get a tasty morsel like this to hold us over. Then, VINCENT. Sigh. My life is full of vampire-happy. XXOO!

  4. I always found Juro a bit mysterious. He and Luci make a terrific couple with sizzling chemistry. Really enjoyed their story. Love Vampires in America. Eagerly await Vincent’s story.

  5. Love it! I was so happy to read about Juro since he’s one of Raphael’s Confidente. Thank you Ms. Reynolds for the Vignette. 🙂

  6. What a fantastic sizzling couple – one that hadn’t even occurred to me – they are perfect for each other. You are so generous with your time to put these Vignettes for us.
    Thank you so much!

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