ADEN’S HERE! (in case you missed it)

Aden - 600x900x300In a Thanksgiving surprise, ADEN released early. Even I didn’t know it was happening until just a few hours before. It didn’t take long for my readers to find him, though. You all really came through! So thank you for making ADEN #1 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List for his release day, and top 6 in all of his sub-categories.
ADEN open day stats CU copyMore important than good sales, though, has been my readers’ reaction to ADEN’s story. So far, almost everyone seems to love it. The reviews are great, and I’m so happy you all (and Sidonie) see the vampire behind the slave. I re-read my own book on Kindle, because I’m missing him already.

Because of Belle Books’ recent acquisition of ImaJinn, with ADEN as their first release, ADEN is going to be available on a lot more platforms and in a lot more places, than the previous books. I’m keeping track as the sites go active, and listing them on ADEN’s page.

I treated myself to THOR 2 this week, too. Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, I figured the theater would be empty. And, sure enough, I walked in, and the theater was empty—Real 3D, stadium seating, big, leather seats. And then five minutes before the movie starts, three women walk in and sit right behind me!! The theater is EMPTY! WTF? I HATE that! So, I moved. Yes, I’m a freak. As to the movie, I loved it except for the single chaste kiss between Jane and Thor? Double WTF?? I know these are “family” films, but why is the violence okay, but not a decent kiss?

I thought I’d be able to tell you today about ADEN’s blog tour and 7-day giveaway, but I don’t have the details yet. So, hopefully next Monday, instead.

In the meantime, thank you so much for making ADEN’s launch a success, and I promise I’ll have some cool prizes to announce next week.