I DID IT! I finished the first, first draft of RAJMUND and got a good night’s sleep at last. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the basics are all there and I’m happy with it. Whew!

And yes, time is running out on the Great Muffin Contest (details on the right.) Entries will be accepted through June 30th and then there will be the Great Muffin Contest Drawing! ::cough:: Hey, I gotta take my life’s drama where I find it.

Other than that, summer has officially arrived, it would seem. The weather here (sunny Southern California) is hot. I’m more of a cool weather person myself and don’t really look forward to this time of year, but what the heck.

The good news is JABRIL will be out this summer, right? And I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to that. I can’t wait to see what happens with Cyn and Raphael and . . . Oh, wait, I wrote the book, didn’t I? So I already know what’s going to happen. (heh, heh)

Alrighty then. Now that I’ve cheered y’all up, I’m heading off to the movies . . . Transformers maybe? We’ll see.


WEIRD AND CREEPY THINGS: This guy didn’t get enought attention as a child . . .

–Brad Beyers, the Human Toolbox, can
Hammer a nail through his face and hang a wooden board from it
Push an ice pick up his nostril
Drill into his head with an electric drill: “I know when I’m going too far because … I hear a crunching noise,” he said as he demonstrated his sickening skills on the Guinness World Records TV show.

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