1. Hello D. B. Reynolds,

    I love your books! How do you come up with some of the names you use in the books? I think their great.


  2. Hi Judy! Names are really important to me, and I put a lot of time into selecting the right ones for my characters, so … thanks for noticing!! LOL I have several on-line name generators I use, one in particular lets me select a country of origin for the character and gives me appropriate names. I try to make my vamps be from all over the world, so I use this name generator a lot. But there are also endless baby name sites that I can sort by country, and many sites which offer surnames for a specific country or region, too. There’s also another name generator that let’s me choose how common or uncommon I want the name to be. Before I start writing, I always make up a list of several male and female names that I can use in the story, otherwise I’ll be in the middle of a scene and need a name … and if I don’t have one handy, it slows everything down while I search for it.

    TMI? LOL


  3. Just finished Sophia.Loved it, just loved it
    I love these books,and the story line is great.
    Had been waiting for something new,something
    different , and Vampire Lords Of America is it !!
    Ahh! Now I have to wait for Duncan,sigh, groan
    cuss. Thank you for the great stories. DB
    A big fan–Maggie

  4. Hi: I just love your books I can decide wish book I like the best but on thing is for sure and that is that Raphael is my favorite character to me he’s a strong, Handsome and very very sexy vampire lord, Can’t wait to read your next book about Duncan.

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