At long last my RT Book Reviews magazine arrived and here’s their review . . .

A strong heroine, a sensual vampire and a menacing villain, evil in every sense of the word — it doesn’t get much better than this second installment in the Vampires in America series. Readers will have a tough time closing the book on this riveting story. Reynolds’ complex mythology includes eight vampire lords who control North America. A top-notch series!

Yay! And JABRIL was a Paranormal Top Pick for January, too.

Meanwhile, I should have a release date for RAJMUND in the next couple of weeks, I hope. And I’m hard at work on . . . Book 4, whose title is fixed in my head, but I want to be sure before I post it here. I will say it features our first female Vampire Lord and a hunky Navy SEAL, as well as the biggest hunk of all, Raphael, and the lovely Cynthia. And it takes place up in northern Washington state, just below the Canadian border.

I want to wish all of my U.S. readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! And now I’m off to eat some turkey of my own!


WEIRD and SORT OF CREEPY TOO: I’ve already begun my holiday shopping and completed a good part of it! Thank God (and Al Gore) for the Internet. And in the spirit of holiday giving, I give you this . . . Barbie doll? Who exactly was THIS one created for?

2 thoughts on “HERE’s THE RT REVIEW!”

  1. Congrats on the great review, I definitely agree. Looking forward to Rajmund, and love the blurb for book 4.

    And that Barbie Doll? Definitely the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. I bet it will be bought by some weird guy who lives in his basement, and loves all things Hitchcock, lol.

  2. Wonderful about the review! I’m so happy to hear that Cyn and Raphael will be in book #4. Also like the idea of a female vampire lord.

    The fact that you are well into holiday shopping is depressing. I’ve yet to start because I have no ideas for gifts. sigh…

    I like Cathy M’s comments about the Barbie! LOL

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